Project Description


Altrisco was retained to provide a unique solution for Toll Global Logistics for their logistic systems. Their requirement was to digitize the process of verifying an item that was picked up from the store for shipping. Previously, the system involved using hardcopy forms and the clients wanted to do away with the archaic system.


The challenge was to build a mobile application that could communicate and integrate with the existing propriety system that the client had in place, via web service. The skill set required for the project involved knowledge of web services as well as that of Android OS.


Altrisco got its team of experts together and after intense brainstorming, we decided to build the mobile app on top of Android Platform Using the web service that allows communication between disparate operating systems in a seamless manner.

The app has a user friendly interface with large buttons for a touch friendly use over tablets. Large font size and a clean and neat design add to the visibility and to the visual appeal of the app. It features a search filter for data list and a filter that is based on a bar code reader and NFC to facilitate search with the use of any smart device that has an inbuilt camera without any other external device.

The app was successfully developed and is used internally by Toll Global (Singapore, South Korea and China) without submitting it to the Google Play Store, as is the general norm. The developed app was successfully implemented and the copyright handed over to the client.


Toll Global Logistic Tally Mobile Application