Project Description


Our team revamped the entire website updating it and making the interface more crisp and contemporary in appearance. We created a mobile website and integrated the two to work in sync. This development gave our clients a broader reach than ever before. Now their clients could order the pet supplies from any device easily. The sites were completed and uploaded to the host successfully.


The site was a comprehensive corporate site for the group which required a complex site architecture. It required a social platform/intranet for the employees of the organisation to be able to keep in touch with each other as well as an integrated Ecommerce solution that had to be linked to the inventory control and other back end processes.


Our team of web-design sat down together to brainstorm the perfect solution for the problem we had been presented. We then designed a highly functional, clean and easy to navigate website with all the usual information and requirements of a typical website. Thereafter, we created the integrated e-commerce solution that sync all products with the client’s backend in Oracle. Finally we created a social intranet meant specifically for the employees of the company to be able to easily and quickly communicate with each other to facilitate decision making and problem solving.


International Bearing